Thrifty find

So I found the W7 Coverstick with tea tree oil at my local Everets chemist for £1.49. You can't smell the tea tree oil and it covers up dark circles and blemishes well and really at that price combined with the good results you can't go wrong
4/5 for coverage
5/5 for price
3.5/5 for size (it's about the size of a lipstick)
Overall 4/5

Spring makeup

So my friend Jess told me to do another post .... So here it is

Spring is my favourite season. All the colours, new flowers and baby animals. Spring is also one of the best seasons of makeup as you can start to use warmer colours so I came up with an idea for some spring makeup.

Step 1- foundation
So for foundation I would use the NYC all day long foundation. I use this foundation because it literally stays on for most of the day (providing you top up the powder) and doesn't effect my sensitive skin. And it's a bargain at only £3.99. I would only apply a thin layer (so it doesn't look cakey) using either my fingers or a sponge.
To cover up any dark circles and blemishes I would use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. This product is more expensive than the foundation at £4.19 but it is the best concealer as you only need a small amount to cover up and it doesn't smudge and is water proof.

Using a powder bush I would apply the Rimmel London Stay Matte transusant powder as it won't make you look shiny and will last a long time. It's also affordable at £3.99.

Step 2- blusher and bronzer

For bronzer and highlighter I would reccomed the  NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzer Bronze Gold 717 (this product is a highlighter and bronzer). Suck in your cheek and use an angle brush to lightly brush on the bronzer. Then using your finger lightly dab some highlighter above the bronzer.
Then using a blusher brush lightly brush the MUA Blusher in the shade Candyfloss. This product was only £1 and it may not be the biggest blusher in the world but it has a lot of piment however be careful not to apply too much as it can become chalky.
Step 3 - eyes 

For eye shadow I would use the NYC Indivdual eye pallette for brown eyes (if you don't have brown eyes get the right pallet). I would use the primer followed by the white shade all the way up to the brow bone. I would the. Use the pink shade (third one up) on the lid and the light brown (second up) in the crease and then blend them out. I would not use the darkest colour because it would make the eyes to dark and smoky for a light spring look.
For mascara I would use the Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash Waterproof Mascara. This mascara will not budge once it's on and when it says waterproof - it means waterproof! The big brunch allows lashes to get maximum volume and at only £2.99 it's really good value. I've also been loving the NYC Big Bold Curl mascara but the Miss Sporty one is piped it to the post as it was waterproof.

Finally for the eyes we have eyeliner. Personal I find felt tip eye liner quicker and easier to use so I would recommend for this look Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner in Black 1. If you do t like a very black colour than either look into other colours or a different product because this product creates a deep black line that won't bugs and at only £2.99 you can't really grumble.
Step 4 - lips 
For lipstick I would recommend the NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Air Kiss 404 as it is quite long lasting and has a bold colour. You may need to top it up suring the day but it's a bargain at only £1.99.

I would recommend each of these products to anyone particularly teenager as the are cheap but also very good products. Don't forget to follow me on blog lovin and google +

*all products purchased from superdrug*

My favourite makeup brand - NYC

If someone were to ask me what my favourite brand was I wouldn't hesitate to answer NYC. Now being a teenager I don't have a lot of money which is probably the main reason I stated using NYC. the first product that I brought was the NYC All day long foundation. 

Because I have sensitive skin I want sure if I would like the product but at only £3.99 what did I have to lose? I can tell you I had zero reaction to this product and would highly recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. When I went in to my local pharmacy to buy some more of this brand I saw the mascara were at a price ranging from £1.99 and £3.99. I chose the Big Bold Mascara.
The oversized brush means that your lashes get fuller volume and length. Again I would recommend this product. 

My favourite product by NYC is the Individual Eye Palettes. I did another review on the Brown eyes palette as that is the one I use. 

Like I said I would recommend this brand to anyone in particular teenagers as it is a good started brand and is cheaper than other drugstore brands but is still excellent quality. 

Three colour nail tutorial!

I love this design as it is simple once you know how to do it and is brilliant for people who are only just starting out in nail design.
To create the look you will need -
*Three nail colours, going from player to darker colours. I have chosen all Avon speed dry in the colours Sprightly Mint, ASAP pink and Rapid Black. The polish need to dry completely before putting in the next layer as it will be removed.

Paint your nail with the palest colour and let it dry completely. It is imporTant you use the palest colour first as it will not show up as well on a darker colour. I chose to use quick dry nail polish as I would not have to wait very long for it to dry.

Cover the bottom half of the nail with sello tape and create a triangle shape.

Paint the nail with the second lightest colour and paint over the sello tape. Wait a few seconds and remove the tape and wait for this layer of polish to dry.

Cover the second layer of polish with sellotape and create a triangle shape opposite to the previous layer. Them paint the rest of the nail with the darkest colour and remove the Sellotape. Wait for the nail to dry.

I hope you enjoyed this simple nail tutorial.

My fashion - Daisies

My favourite thing to wear at the moment is daisies. I love the way H&M have been using daisies in the Divided line and I really love this crop top which is £5.99. As the top is low cut it looks brilliant with statement necklaces and as it's getting warmer at the moment (fingers crossed) it looks adorable with high waisted jeans. They also have a skirt and dress with this print which looks lovely but I preferred the crop top.

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Divergant vs The Hunger Games

Divergent vs The Hunger Games

**Note** I recommend both films and I'm not saying that they bot aren't worth watching because they both are. And these are my optinions. 

Both The Hunger Games and Divergant are set in a dystopian future that is trying to survive after a war. The films have a similar genre but in my opinion the films are quite different. 

Divergent is about a girl called Tris who has come to the point in her life where she has to decide her future. However, in the society she lives in, she can only be one mind set and when her test results are inconclusive she has to hide the fact she is a Divergant from everyone. She later chooses the Dauntless and defies her family in the process. Although I personally thought the film had a slow start it did pick up and as it did we really got to know the characters although it is unclear why Tris chose Dauntless. I think the concept of the film is original and I can't wait for the next one to see what society has in store for Tris after she reveals she is Divergant. I think the key theme discussed in this film is individuality and freedom and it shows that people should not be confined to be one thing.

The Hunger Games is set in a world where the Capitol, the rich and wealthy, force a boy and a girl from each district to fight to the death to remember an uprising lead by the districts. When Katniss's sister is entered for the games she bravely volunteers as tribute and has to fight alongside Peeta in order to survive. When her a Peeta beat the system and are the first pair to win the games she is seen as a threat by the Capitol and has to fake a relationship with Peeta to survive. When she is unfairly entered for the games again as she is seen as a threat she uses her skills and bravery to escape the arena but Peeta was not so lucky. I'm so excited for the next film to come out in November becaus if it is anything like the books I know it will be amazing.

So my overall opinion? Personally I think the Hunger Games is better as the characters emotions are easier to understand and the plot is more gripping and easy to follow (and I love Jennifer Lawrence) but I still enjoyed Divergant and I will be seeing the next film.

Product of the month

Make up product of the month- NYC brown eyes palette 
4/5 stars
This product is one of the best drugstore palettes I have seen because it gives you a primer and a range of colours and it tells you where to use each colour. This product is great if you are starting out in makeup as you don't need to buy multiple colours for one look and I would highly recommend it. The only flaw if that the highlighter is too sparkly for me but that's just my opinion.

A Bit About Me

Hey, welecome to my blog! My name is Georgie, I'm 17 and I live in the UK. In April 2914 I decided to start Hey It's Georgie. This was a spontaneous descion, I had no plans to start a blog but now it's become such a huge part of my life! Making this blog is definatly one of the best descions I've ever made! 

My main topics for writing are fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I've always been really interest in beauty and fashion which is why I love writing about these topics. However I do occasionally post about things that are going on in my life that I feel like I have to get off my chest .... So sorry about that in advance. 

There's not really much to know about "the girl behind the blog". I'm pretty boring. I have a few hobbies outside of this blog including music and my love for all things fantasy and sci-fi. And as of Septemebr 2014 I started college and am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I think I want to go on to university to study Biology and Environmental science after my year out. I think I want to explore the rest of the world first. 

As to where my blogs going? I honestly have no idea. Right now it's just a place to share my thoughts and interact with others. Maybe blogging will help with my anxiety? Who knows? Right now I'm just enjoying writing for you guys and mainly myself. 

Love Georgie xx

First post...

Hey! My names georgie and I live in the UK. I'm no sure what I'm going to do with this blog yet but bear with me because I'll get there in the end! It's probably going to start out being about all of the stuff I'm into and what I'm looking forward to in the future. Thank you so much for reading this post you don't know what it means to me.