Travel Diary #5 - Barcelona

So here isn't really much to say about Barcelona as we decided to take a tour up the Motserrat mountain. While my nan and the rest of the group went to the monastery me and my grandad took he cable car to the top of the mountain. I didn't buy anything so I thought I would do this dirty in picture because after all a picture tells 1000 words. Lets just say it was probably the best trip we did!!

Travel Diary #4 - Gibraltar

So after my lovely day in Cadiz, we set sail and arrived in Gibraltar the next day. My first impressions was that it was quite small, very beautiful and defiantly full of life. I think you wouldn't want longer than one or two days there but I'm honestly glad I went.

So we had arranged a tour of the rock and the apes at the start of the day (I know I had to have left the boat by 8 am). This was the trip I was most looking forward to and it was defiantly worth it!! Our tour guide was super lovely (and very pro-Britain) and our first stop were the caves. 
I didn't want to originally go in the caves because I don't like tight spaces but the cave was really open and there was plenty of room for lots of people to walk around. There were these coloured flashing lights which were so cool and made the caves look absolutely amazing as it showed every single corner of the caves which you couldn't normally see... While looking awesome at the same time. 

So after we'd walked through the cave we got back in the bus and heading up the rock to see the apes which I was looking forward to. 
Let's just say they were defiantly wild animals... If they thought you had any food on you they would pounce on you like a tiger honestly. However they were used to the cameras and tourists so they ditn care about having flash on and one ape even posed for me.

After we'd finished our tour we went to the main square and walked along th shops and had the best fish and chips I've ever had. Honestly if you ever visit go to Roy's in the square ... You won't regret it I promise. 

Would I reccomend going? Yes but I would only go for a day visit or a few days as it is quite small but really beautiful and very different to anywhere I've ever been. 

What I brought in Gibraltar -

I only brought two things and both were for my parents. The first thing I brought was a pair of earring from The Silver Shop which cost me €5 which was such good value as they are so beautiful! The next thing was a monkey key ring (that squeaks!) for my dad as a joke because he wouldn't use a 'serious' present and it cost me €2.

Have any of you guys been to Gibraltar, if so what did you think? Also are you enjoying this series, if not there's only two left so don't worry! 

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Travel Diary #3 - Cadiz

After the stop at Lisbon we headed to our second stop which was Cadiz in Spain. It was quite different to England because most of the shops were in alleyways or small shaded streets because it is so hot the shops are kept in the shade where it is cooler. There were some real hidden treasures but once you found it, you probably won't find it again! Unlike Lisbon, most of the shops didn't have any English workers (unless your in the main square) so I often felt quite akward but I didn't mind because it was such a beautiful place.

Near the main part of town there was a market which was interesting to look at as there were things on sale which I'd never even heard about in England. There was a stall which sold fish where there was a giant tuna fish which you could chose what cut you had ... From a giant dead fish. Even if it was a but gross it was cool to see the different cultures as I've never been to Spain before. Unlike Lisbon there was more to do here so I wish I'd had more time to explore but I still enjoyed my visit to Cadiz as the food was amazing and the small shops were so different to anything I'd seen. 

What I brought in Cadiz -
I only brought three things in. Cadiz which came to a total of €11 which is good value. The first thing I brought were some sweets becaue I love sweet things and someone told me the sweets in Spain were very sweet which they were and I wish I'd brought more now.  

The second thing I brought was a gift for my brother and it was a Budda insense holder bacuse I knew it would be something he would like. I found in a Buddhist shop in a small side street. 

The last thing I brought was this cuff style bracelet which I absolutely love to pieces. This I probably my favourite bit of jewellery I brought as it looks so different to anything I have and at €3 you can't really complain. 

So have any of you been to Cadiz and what did you think? Let me know 

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Travel diary #2 - Lisbon

(Sorry about not uploading sooner, I have work experience at the moment and I haven't found the time reccently.)

So on my cruise (curtesy of nan and grandad) the first port we stopped at was Lisbon, Portugaul. I thought it was a really lovely place to visit but u only saw the main part of town. I'm not sure I could of spent a week there but it was a really beautiful place with the most amazing little cafés and shops hidden away along the side streets. All of the shops were really good prices as the most I spent was €7 on a pair of sandals so I was impressed with the value for money there. 
However it was 28 degrees celcius so it was super hot which meant we had to sit down in the shade every hour or so. Going here made me want to visit Portugaul again because all of the people were friendly and most workers spoke a bit of English so I didn't feel completely out of my comfort zone. 
I really enjoyed my visit to Lisbon as I hadn't been to Portugaul before so it was nice to experience a new culture as I had only ever been to France and Ireland. Visiting has made me really want to visit Portugaul in the future!

What I brought in Lisbon-
I brought the owl ring for my best friend as she loves big rings like this and I brout the fish necklace for myself from the same jewllery shop on the highstreet. Both items came to a total of €5 which I thought was good value. 
I brought these sandals from a clothing shop on the highstreet (next to a cafe which makes the BEST hot chocolate) which were €7. I love these sandals because the colour goes with everything and the jewels look really cute. 

Have any of you guys visited Portugaul? If so, what did you think? I'd like to know your guys experiences.

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Travel Diary #1 - Welcome Aboard

So as some of you may already know I went on a cruise at the start if this month around Spain and Portugal so I thought I was share my travel experiences with you. I though my first travel post would just be a basic over veiw if the ship and where I was going but look out for more travel diaries about all the places I visited.

So the ship which I travelled on was called the Azura (which is a P&O ship) and had just over 3000 passengers plus 1200 members of staff. My first impressions were that the staff, espically the cabin attendants and the waiters, were really polite and always seemed to be happy to help you. The service was amazing and the waiter a breakfast always knew what I was going to have so I didn't even need to ask by the end of the trip. The restaurant we ate at had some I the best food I've ever eaten. It was so good I had two puddings nearly everynight! There were 19 decks on board ship so it was so much fun to explore and as it was so big you were always finding new places on board like the sky deck which we only explored on the last full day. There was so much to do that we only got to bed after midnight every day (as you can imagine I was such I joy to be around when I got back). 

We were also super lucky to see three pods of dolphins while at sea. They all came right next to the boat so we could see the so clearly. One of the things I wanted to do was see dolphins so that was a massive tick for me. There was also some whales spotted during the night but I didn't get to see them :-(. 

I actually really enjoyed all of the shows on board as the were some of the best shows I've ever seen! We actually got to see some of the proffesionals from Stricley Come Dancing perform which was amazing and I enjoyed ribbing that in my mums faces when I got back as she is a huge fan of the show... Such a caring daughter! 

We stopped at six ports which were Lisbon, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Cartagena, Barcelona and Ibeza which were all beautiful but different at the same time. Within the next few weekes I'll be uploading posts about each of these places so keep your eye out for these!!

What did you do this summer? Let me know.
Lots of love , Georgie xxxx

What's in my travel makeup bag?

So as some of you may already know I'm going away for two weeks with nonInternet so I thought I would post this before I leave. I was quite held back with my choice of make up even though I do have two sets of eye shadows! Let me know what in your make up bag if your going away or what you would need to take with you.

I decided to bring the Eco Tools 5-piece set (the fifth piece is the bag it travels in) as the are really small and can be stored easily.

For my face I decided to bring the Cover and conceal concealer by MUA, the Natural collection pressed face powder and the Natural collection Colour Foundation. I chose the foundation because I have sensitive skin and this foundation doesn't cause and allergic reaction and it's only £1.99 so it doesn't matter if I lose it.

I only brought two lip products which are both part of W7 the reds lipsticks. The I have brought are Chestnut and Scarlett Fever. I chose these two because I love red lipsticks and I know these will stay on all day.

Eye make up is the most important thing for me which is why I brought a lot more. I chose the W7 Zoom Mascara, the natural collection waterproof mascara and the NYC Cityproof mascara. I Lao brought two sets of eye shadows as one is more dramatic and can be used in the evening (the right one) and one is more suited to daytime (left one). Both of these eye shadows are different shades of the NYC Brown Eyes (Indivdual eyes).

What do you guys think of my makeup bag? Let me know if there's anything you think I should add. 

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