Autumn lips

Hey guys, guess's nearly autumn so that means dark lip colours. I thought is share what lip colour I have been loving this season. The two products I have been using are the MUA Lipliner in Brooding Plum. 

I line my lips and then gently fill them in so the lipstick lasts longer. I then use the Rimmel lipstick 121. This is a dark red lipstick which I have been loving at the moment and is defiantly one of my favourites. These two may look like they might not work as the lip liner is lighter but it looks amazing and lasts a while during the day. It's fair to say I love this combo!!

So what is your autumn go to lip colour? 
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Love Georgie xxx

#teenblogsunite #2 - OOTD

 Hey guys, I'm back! If you missed my first post in this series click here. So my task this week is to create an outfit of the day to an event. I did mine pretty basic and went in a meal out or maybe a party.

So this is my outfit! I think it came to £17 (excluding shoes) which I think is an absolute steal! I went for the main colour to be black because it's classic and suits everyone. If you didn't want to be all black you could change the colour of the skirt to pink or waer some brighter shoes. 
Crop top - H&M £7
Skater Skirt - Topshop £10 (but you can buy them any where)

So for shoes I went with a pair of Doc Martins. I know it might sound weird but I think they look amazing but should be worn with black tights! You can were heels, pumps, converses but I find these so comfy and I think they look fab.

I've always wanted a balck pair because my original blue pair doesn't really go with much. I brought these in an outlet for £40!! I know they were such a steal. I love these because they have have a sort of snake skin pattern which makes them stand out whilst looking amazing with the outfit. Pic you are thinki about getting a pair of Dm's I would reccomend looking in outlets and online to see what's on sale as they can be particularly pricey!

So what did you guys think of my outfit and would you do anything to improve it? Honestly I'm open to suggestion!
Love Georgie xx

Bargain products #2 - Foundation

Hey guys I know I've been awol this week but I'm back with another way for you to save but look flawless at the same time! So I think I've mentioned this product before but a really good foundation (espically on a budget) is the Natural Collection foundation. 
This foundation is amazing and only costs £1.99. I think this product gives you a natural finish. I personally think it is a bit thinker than most foundations which means that it covers up really well Nd you don't need a lot of it. However this does mean that it can look cakey if you apply too much but by only applying small amounts you get a natural looking finish.

The Natraul Collection range is actually quite reasonably priced so if, like me, your on a bit of a tight budget then I would reccomend checking out this brand!

Have any of you tried this foundation, if so what do you think?

Love Georgie xxx

#teenblogsunite - three things I can't live without

Hey guys so I've decided to became part of a project called #teenblogsunite. This is set up by two bloggers called Chloe and Lauren, who's aim is to promote teen bloggers. This project is going to happen through the whole year, and each person who takes part in it will be posting a themed blog post but add our own individual twist. I thought this sounded like a fab idea and a load of fun so if it does to you then you can click here or here for more information on how to get included, and here if you want to have a look at the dates and topics of the upcoming blog.
This blog post is the first of the whole project and we were told to talk about 3 things we couldn´t live without, and here are mine:

1. iPad 
I use my iPad every day an I don't know what I'd do without it!! I use it to watch youtube videos every morning while I. Putting my makeup on, BBC iplayer, games and soical networking. I actually might die without it!

2. Headphones 
Ok I absolutely love my music. I literally need my headphones nod because I use them so often they die sooooo quickly so I have new pair at least every two months. I have my eye on some beats but I don't have enough money yet. Hopefully my birthday will bring me a pair! Honestly music plays such an important part in my life I don't know what I would do if I wasn't able to listen to it. 

3. My make up bag
I know this it technically more than one item but I can't really chose between my mascara or concealer so we went with the whole lot. I have issues in the past with bullying so I struggle with the way I look so this helps me when I meet new people or just every day adventures. I think it just makes me feel more confident in my own skin. To see what I have in my makeup bag click here.

Well that took a slightly depressing turn! Sorry about that. 
Let me know if you are part of the #teenblogsunite and what there things you can't live without. 

Love, Georgie xx

Life update - Starting College

So as some of you may already know I left secondary school in June and have now had my first week at college. My first impressions were that you were treated more like an adult and you are a lot more Independant which I personally didn't find a bad thing. My advice for anyone on their first day if collge would be prepare for it to be different and come prepared. I did really well on my first week as I have three sperate A4 labelled notebooks for each of my subjects and PLENTY of pens, pencils and maths equipment so I didn't have to worry about being underprepared which completely saved my life on my first day.

The main difference that I've noticed compared to secondary school is the amount of free time you have and it's completely up to you how you spend your time. Obviously I haven't really picked up much work as it's my first week but I'm planning on spending some of that time doing my moework and catching up with class work. 

Because my secondary school doesn't have a sixth form I have to get the bus to one of my local colleges. Most of my friends went to a college a but further away and have to get the bus at 7:30 but I get to have an extra hour in bed! Basically what I'm trying to say is you may have to be prepared to get up a bit earlier if your school doesn't have a sixth form.

So overall I absoutly love it!! I have a few of my friends from my old school which gave me a bit of comfort on my first day. I even managed to make a few new friends which if you know me you would know how much I struggle with that so I'm quite proud of myself for going to a new school with only a few of my friends as I normally panic about this sort of thing.

So my advice if your starting collge next year- 
1. Come prepared - it's better to be over prepared than underprepared. Have a seperate not book for each subject and an organiser if you need it ... Honestly it will help!
2. Spend your time wisely - if you have homeworkers are struggling with a subject, do it in your free period instead go going to the shop or getting a coffee ... It will be more helpful in the long run I promise!
3. Pack your bag the night before - only pack for the subjects that you have to save you carrying around heavy books and making sure you have the right books. 
4. Get to lesson on time - I think this one basically speaks for itself 
5. Try to enjoy your time there - take every opportunity you get and make the most of the time with your friends before you go to uni or start work.

So I've given my advice, do you guys have any advice for me or any tips to help me survive college?

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Love Georgie xxx

What's in my school makeup bag?

So my school makeup bag isn't really very big because it doesn't need to be! All you need is a few touch ups at lunch and you're ready to go again. My advice when packing a makeup bag for school is to only pack a few items so there is more room for school work and less chance of products getting lost. I would also reccomend that you leave your favourite products/more expensive products at home because I mapped this mistake and lost some of my favourites makeup products at school. Anyway this is what I decided to pack.

(From left to right)
1. Natural Collection pressed powder in the shade "cool"
2. MUA Cover and Conceal concealer in the lightest shade (I couldn't remember what it's called)
3. Travel Atomizer containing Katy Perry Killer Queen 
4. W7 Zoom mascara 
5. H&M volume mascara
6. W7 The Reds lipstick in the shade "chestnut"

Because I've started college now I can get away with waering red lipstick but if you're in secondary school or have a stricter uniform I wouldn't wear the red lipstick as you'll only be told to take it off and it's a waste of product. 

Let me know what's in your school makeup bag.

Love Georgie xx

Bargain products - Lipliner

So I thought I would do a post every know and then where I share some products which are such a good deal, you really can't refuse them! So the first product wil be the MUA Lipliner in the shade Brooding Plum.

I love the colour of this liner and looks amazing on! It does begin to rub off after I've eaten but at only £1 (from Superdrug) I don't mind reapplying but it does stay on longer with a higher quality lipstick. I would really reccomend this and let me know what you think if you t the product. 

Love Georgie xx

My Mascara Collection

So I know a lot of post at the moment are back to school related and I do want to do a what's in my school bag but honestly .... I haven't even brought my school bag yet (and I'm back in Monday, help!). Instead I though I'd show you guys my mascara collection and tell you which one I love the most. Before I start I know I have more mascaras than I need but I am a mascara queen and I couldn't live without it!

(From top to bottom)
1. Avon Spectra Lash - this one has settings that change how much volume is given. It cost me £5 but it is originally £10. I don't think I'd pay £10 for it but I do like it.
2. Technic Vibralash - This mascara actually vibrates but I'm not actually sure how much that actually adds to the product but I still think it's a great mascara. I picked this up for £1.99 from a little shop called Kerri-Ann's 
3. Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash - I actually quite like the Miss Sporty mascaras as they aren't too badly priced and this one is £1.99. I do think they have better ones on there line but it's good if your just starting out in make-up or looking to add to your collection if your on a budget.
4. W7 Lashed Up - I normally like the W7 mascaras but I wasn't that impressed with this one. It works well on lower lashes but not so great in the top. However it did only cost me £1 from my local market.
5. W7 Extreme Lash- this did originally have a gold tiger print on it but I gess it rubbed off. I love this mascara as you can pick it up for a reasonable price £2) and it actually works really well and I love it!

(From top to bottom) 
1. H&M Volume Mascara - again I think this mascar is great for people starting out in make and I actually love the H&M makeup collection! I like this mascara but don't get me wrong I do have better ones but I still love it.
2. Maybeline High Heel Mascara - I actually can't remember how much it cost me but I really like this one. It adds a lot of length to your lashes and I would defiantly repurchase 
3. Miss Sport Curve It, Pump Up - I love this mascara as it leaves a lasting curl and adds length, how wee I found it dried quicker than some of the other I have but it inky cost £3.99 so I spdont kind repurchasing more often.
4. NYC Big Bold Mascara - of course I have to have some NYC in there! This is £3.99 (I think) and I love it! I do prefer th curk version but I still love this.
5. No7 Dream Lash - my nan gave this to me so I don't know how much it costs but it's a good little mascara (don't let it's size fool you). If you don't like clumpy lashes I would reccomend this one. 

Must top 5 - (left to right)
1. Esteè Lauder Double Wear - My favourite!! This was a gift as I don't normally buy high end but I'm defiantly getting another one!
2. Miss Sporty Inrediball - this mascara doesn't leave any lash in coated. He ball one the end gives and even length and it looks amazing!
3. NYC City Curls - This is my favourite budget mascara as it only costs £1.99 but works like it cost five times that. Love it!
4. W7 Zoom - click here 
5. NYC Big Bold Curl - click here

My only waterproof mascara is the Natural Collection 
Waterproof. This doesn't smudge when swimming and only costs £1.99!

What's your favourite mascara and what do you think I should add next to my collection?

Love Georgie xx

August favourites 2014

So now August is finally over it means that it's time to say goodbye summer and hello school (such fun)! Now that August is well and truly over I can share some of my favourite things from last month.

So my three beauty products I have been loving are the W7 Zoom mascara, MUA Cover Up Conclear and the H&M Blush and foundation duel brush

The first product is the Zoom mascara which I have been using everyday because it gives so much length to your lashes. I brought it at Savers for £2 which is such a good deal and I would highly reccomend you buy it if you see it!

The second product is the MUA Conclear which I brought from Superdrug and cost me £1.50. Don't get me wrong there are con clears out there with better coverage but if your happy with your natural 
skin and just want to cover up dark circles then this Conclear is perfect as it feels like your wearing nothing. If your looking for coverage I would reccomend this concealer. 

Finally the last beauty product is the Duel Brush by H&M. It was from H&M (duh) and set me back £1.99. I imagine there are better brushes out there but if your just starting to get into makeup or don't have a lot of money (like me) to spend on brushes then this is perfect. I don't really use the foundation brush so I mainly bought it for the blush end and so far I've been loving it! 

So my top music tracks that I've been listening to his month are Black Widow by Iggy Azlea and Rita Ora and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Black Widow has always been my favourite track in The New Classic so I was sooooo excited when I found out this was going to be her new single so I've been playing it pretty much the whole month. Towards the end of the month I've been longing Taylor's new song as it's so catchy and kinda different to anything she's ever done! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be playing it the whole of next month as well! 

My film of the month has to be Guardians Of The Galaxy. Don't get me wrong I'm still an Avengers girl but I really enjoyed this film so much as it was funny and action packed. My favourite character has to be Rocket as he was so funny and always had the coolest guns.

So what have typos guys been loving this month? Have you seen/heard/ tried any of the things I've talked about and did you agree?

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