DIY Lipscrub

As promised in my previous post, I have a DIY Lipscrub for you guys!! I absoutly love this and have 
been using this everyday and I'm loving it!! As I loved it so much I thought I'd share this with you...

You will need - 
Cooking oil
Flavourings (optional)
Food colouring (optional)
Pot to put the finished product in 

How To Make It ...

1. Put a tablespoon of sugar into a container. This will make up the main part of the scrub.
2. Add about half a tablespoon of cooking oil (to be honest it's doesn't matter the type of cooking oil) which will make your lips feel soft. Mix the cooking oil with the sugar.
3. So I just had about enough honey to do this step. Add between a quarter and half a tea spoon. You don't want a lot as it's just used to stick the sugar together.
4. This step is optional but you can add some flavouring or food colouring. I added a few drops of lemon juice to give it a lemony taste.
5. Put the scrub into a different container and you have a lip scrub!!

I couldn't believe how easy this DIY was and it actually works really well! Let me know what you think I'm the comments below.

Love Georgie xxx 

Favouite Lip Scrub

It's that time of year where our lips get dry and flaky and you find yourself in need of a good lip scrub. My all time favouite has to be the lush Sweet Things lip scrub. I absolutely adore this product as it gives you soft lips and tastes delicious! It cost £5.95 which may seem like a lot but the product lasts and it's so worth it! You can also get this product in bubble gum which tastes sweet and leaves your lips smooth but let's be honest, I prefer chocloate! I would highly reccomend this to anyone!!! Espically if you suffer from dry lips like me.

What's your favouite lip scrub/salve, let me know in the comments 

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Love Georgie xxx

P.s. If you want to know how to create your own lip scrub.... Watch this space!

5 Things On My Christmas List

Hey guys guess what? It's nearly Christmas!!! So I thought I'd share five things on my Christmas wish list and have my fingers crossed that my mums reading this!!!

1. New headphones - I chose Apple ones because I want ones that last and don't break after a month

2. Leather jacket - mine has holes in and this one from New Look is gorgeous and I thinks it £39

3. Royal Revolution by Katy Perry - so if you've been reding my blog you'll know my favouite perfume is Killer Queen and I can't wait to try out the newer version. 

4. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg - I've been waiti ages for this book to come out and I'm so excited to read it! Let's hope a copy ends up under my tree...

5. Pokemon Omega Ruby - Yes I am 17, yes I own a DS and yes I want Pokemon. I'm very childish but I seriously wan this game...

Ok so that's the top five things on my Christmas list but I want to know what you guys want fro Christmas. Let me know in the comments below. 

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Love Georgie xxx

Cheap Christmas Ideas - for her

So if you missed my last blog post (click here to view it) I showed you guys my ideas for my dad on a budget. I did the same thing for a gift bag for my mum and I thought I'd share my ideas with you lovely people of the Internet.

Savers is one of the best places to get present for your mum or any girl in general in a budget. I brought a love hearts candle in the flavour Red Cherry for £1. It smells super sweet and looks super cute. I mean who dosent live candles? Next I brought her two bath bombs, one lavender and one strawberry. I haven't tied them yet but they look really pretty and I'm sure my mum will love them. The next thing I picked up from savers was a reed diffuser (if that what it's called). My mum is into the whole 'making our hous e smell nice thing' and I saw it and thought of her. I can't remeber if it was £1 or £1.99 but it's wasn't expensive. I also got her a bottle or rspberry pavlova bubble bath/shower gel. I love raspberries and was kind of hoping I could use some ... I bit greedy I know. 

I brought two things from pound land which included a mini box of Thorntons chocolates becuase who doesn't like chocolate? It was such a good buy and super good value. I also brought her a mini bath set containing shower gel, body butter and a bath bomb. I thought this looked adorable and suited my mum tastes perfectly. 

My main present to my mum was the CD Its The Girls by Bette Midler because my mum absolutely adores her so I've just ordered it off amazon for her. I know she's going to love it. 

So that's all I've got for my mum, what have you guys brought for your mum or best friend. Let me know in the comments.

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Lots of love, Georgie xxx

Cheap Christmas ideas - For Him

Hey guys it's finally Christmas time!! Which also means the most expensive time of the year and as a college student with no part time job, it's Christmas on a budget this year. The hardest person to buy for was defiantly my dad (don't know if it's just me) so I thought I'd show you little stocking filler that I brought for my dad all for £1 (and maybe get some ideas from you guys about what I'm missing). I also brought him a mini box of Thorntons chocolates from pound land as well for him.

So the first thing I brought my dad was some Star Wars shaped chocolates. My dad is a HUGE Star Wars fan I found here and decided he needed them for Christmas. They were from pound land and I'm sure he love them. 

I also brought him a box of latte packets which I thought would be perfect for him to take to work. My Ada loves lattes and coffe in general so I thought these would be perfect and Sy were form pound land so they were great value as well.

I brought him some shower gel, shaving foam and deodorant as well because I didn't know what else to buy him and my mum had way more presents then him (and still does) so I thought I'd buy him something he can use everyday. 

The last thing in my dads sticking is Hot Fuzz on DVD. My dad loves this film and whenever it's on TV we also seem to miss some of it so I found this for £2 at the charity shop. 

Ok so that all the affordable stuff I have for my dad so far and I kind of need some more ideas... Have any suggestions?

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Love Georgie xx

P.S. I got one direction tickets for the On The Road Again tour today for the 26th September... Are any of your guys going ?

November Favourites

PAnother month has past which means it's November favouites time! It also means Christmas is in 25 days which means I can finally get all excited for Christmas and start decorating woo!!! So here's what I've been loving this month....

So for make up there have been three products that I have been loving this month and this first is the NYC Brown Eyes Plallete (938 Union Square). I absolutely love this pallete and have just brought a new one as it has everything you would need for a pallete. I've just purchased a new one which cost me £1.99 (normally £3.99) and I love it! It come with a primer, highlighter, 4 shades and an applicator. This looks amazing when used properly and even has instructions on where to put each shade. I would highly reccomend it. 

The next is one of my favouite lipstick brands W7 , The Reds in the shade forever red. It's not actually a red shade , more like a dark sparkly pink which I love. It stays on for ages and this is a definite winter colour. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have been useig this brand for ages and stand by it and at only £1 you can't really go wrong!

So the last product I have been loving is again form W7 and is the Showing Out mascara. As you can see by the picture the brush is huge and the ball shape on the end helps add volume to every single lash. It defiantly make your lashes look so much thicker and I have been using this for a few days and it looks absolutely amazing. This may even be one of my favouite mascaras and I will be 
repurchasing 100%! 

Ok so that's all my beauty favouites do now onto TV and music. The TV show I have been loving this month is Charmed. Yes I know it finished years ago but my friend got me into it and once I found out it was on Netflix I have been watching it nonstop. No spoiler I'm only on season 2!!
The music I have been loving this month has been Four by One Direction. I got this on pre order for my birthday and it arrived on time and I was so excited to hear it. My favouite track is probably Where do Broken Hearts Go but I actually like all of them. 

So that's what I've been loving this month, what have you been loving this month ?

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Love Georgie xx