TAG CHALLENGE - 10 Beauty Questions Tag

Welcome to the second collaboration (featuring MaJESStics) of Tag Challange. This month the tag was chosen (or created?????) by Jess and the task was to ask the other ten beauty related questions. So these are the questions that Jess asked me. 

What do you put on first, foundation or concealer?  
Normally foundation because it's easier to blend. 

What one makeup item can you not leave the house without?
Mascara. If I don't have it on I'm not leaving. 

What's your most prised makeup possession? 
Defiantly my EstéeLauder mascara. I hardly ever get high end makeup and this was a gift and I love it.

What's your favourite high end brand? 
Estée Lauder. I'm allergic to MAC and some Bobbi Brown products and I'm not allergic to this one.

What's your favourite drug store brand?
NYC. I've said that enough. 

Do you remember the first makeup product you bought?
It was a pinky purple lipstick.... And very bright.

What's your favourite skin care products?
The Body Shop body butter ... The raspberry one.

What celebrity's makeup do you always love? 
Perrie Edwards. I think she has an amazing sense of style and makeup. Whatever she wears she look great!

What's your favourite lipstick?  
W7 The Reds lipstick in Chestnut 

Do you ware makeup everyday?
Yeah... I honestly can't leave the house without it!

So this was our second collaboration. If you haven't read the first one click here. 

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Beauty Things I Suck At

So I saw this on Rachel's blog (http://rachelcoco.blogspot.co.ukand thought that there were so many beauty related things and thought that there were so many things I really do suck at when it comes to beauty and I thought I'd share it with you guys to see if it's just me that struggles with these things. 

1. Cleaning my brushes - I know that your supposed to keep your brushes clean but to me it's just to much hastle. I'm not saying I don't clean my brushes because I do but I only clean them when I'm sorting out my makeup storage or I REALLY have to. Even then I'm not sure I'm even doing it right. 

2. Trying new products/brands - I have really sensitive skin and (as I've found with certain brands) some make can make my skin go all red or puff up like a chipmunk. If I find a brand that looks great and doesn't upset my skin I tend to stick to it. I know I'm allergic to MAC and (some) Bobbi Brown makeup so I tend to stick to drugstore. I'm also quite fussy and when I find a product I like I tend to stick to it. I think it. I gut just be me. 

3. Contouring - it's not that I suck a contouring... It's just so much effort. Obviously if I'm going out or doing something nice I put in the effort but do I really need to do that everyday? I don't think so. 

4. Letting my nails dry - As some (I mean most) of my friends will tell you, I have little or no paitence so my nails sometimes smudge. I don't really wait for them to dry which is a bit stupid considering how long I spend on them. 

My question to you is what beauty thing you're rubbish at/ don't have the time for? Let me know in the comments. 

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W7 Camouflage Kit Review

If you read my latest blogpost you'll know that I reccently purchased the W7 Camoflauge Palette for a quite amazing price of £2.99. I wouldn't reccomend this for someone who wanted very heavy/full coverage but for a natural coverage than this product is perfect. The only problem I had was the brush but considering the price I'm willing to let that one go. The product itself it's quite moisturised and is easy to apply with or without a brush. I also live the range of colours so it can be used for highlighting and contouring. The darkest colour looks amazing as a contour as it isn't too dark and it's easy to blend aswell. I absolute love this palette and will definatly be repurchasing. 

Have you tried this palette or anything similar? If so what did you think? 

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Recent Beauty Buys

So recently (and by recently I mean yesterday) went out and did some makeup shopping. I was quite impressed with myself as this came to under £11 and there were some really good looking Nordics in there. I only wanted conc lower and ended up wi a lot more ... Whoops!

First off is the Cover Pallete by W7 which has five concealers in different shades. I saw this and knew I had to try it! It looks like good quality and I could use it for contouring aswell. I'm definatly going to review this so keep and eye out for it.

The next product I brought was a pressed powder which I'm going to have to use this for contouring
or bronzer seeing as I brought it five shades to dark ... How stupid am I? I haven't tried it yet but I looks like good powder. 

Of course I had to buy a mascara! I brought the W7 Wild Lash. I used this today and I'm already in love with it. This is definatly being added to my "Must repurchase list". I love the W7 mascaras and this one my be my favouite from the range. Maybe ok?

I've never heard of this brand before but I thought I'd give this foundation a go because there is so much of it. I don't think it would be best for people who want heavy coverage but it gives a natural, dewy look. I actually really like this as it hasn't upset my sensitive skin and actually looks amazing on.

Next i repurchased two of my W7 'The Reds' lipsticks in the shades Scarlet Fever and Chestnut. I've raved about these lipsticks so many times because they are super pigmented and last quite a long time. I had to replace one of them because one of my friends decided that my lipstick lived in the bin (he now knows that he should never do that again). I highly reccomend these lipsticks!!

So these are my recent beauty buys. What have you recently purchased and was it worth it? Let me know in the comments. 

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Style Icon - Perrie Edwards

Ok I've kind of loved Perrie since her first audition on X Factor. She always looks amazing (even without makeup) and always has the best choice in clothing. I honestly don't think I've seen her and gone "she looks awful today". It just doesn't happen. I love her rock chic kind of style with the Doc Martins and printed clothing. She often wears printed clothing which can be quite bold but she definatly rocks it! Her hair is also pretty bold going from blond to purple to pink. I love the bold colours and they really suit her. I personally love the pink dip dye but that's just personal preference. She definatly isn't shy about her style which is kind of what I love about her. She defiantly not afraid to show who she is. Gotta love her and her amazing style.

So who's your style icon. Let me know in the comments 

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Five songs that will cheer you up

Let's be honest we all have those days where we just want to lock ourselves in our room and cry about everything bad in our life. I don't know about you but when I have these moments the first thing I do is plug my head phones in and turn them up so I can't hear anyone (not necessarily reccomended). I have particular songs which cheer me up which I thought I'd share you and maybe you could share some of your "happy songs" with me. So this is the top five I currently like to listen to (not neccssarily in order). 

* FOLLOW YOUR ARROW - Kacey Musgraves. A friend of mine reccently reccomend her music and I'm literally in love with her and her music. It's so meaningful and just sums up how you're feeling. If you haven't listened to this song you should because is so relateable and says everything you've wanted to say but can't. 

* JUST KEEP BREATHING - We The Kings. This is anther one of those songs which is just so well written it just sums up how your feeling and instantly changes my mood. Seriously I highly reccomend this song. 

* SHAKE IT OFF - Taylor Swift. I mean do I even need to explain this one? It's just one of those feel good songs that instantly makes you feel happy (for me any way) 

* FEELS LIKE HOME - Lucy Hale. I love this song because I just reminds me of everything I love and about my childhood. If you haven't heard any of hers songs you need to! Her voice is amazing and always cheers me up. 

* ROAR - Katy Perry. No explanation is required. 

So these are currently my top five "I've had a bad day" songs and I wanna know what your favouite "cheer me up" song... Let me know in the comments.

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Seventeen Eye Crayon Review

So if you read my January Favourites post you'll know about how much I have been loving the Seventyen eye crayons. I've honestly been using them everyday!  They came in a pack of four and the colours are -
Pink and brown (defiantly my favouite)

Gold and black 

Light sliver/grey and dark grey 

And finally the classic black and white

To use these you put the lighter colour on your lid and the darker colour in your crease. I use the actually crayon to do both and I line my crease and blend it out with a brush. I find this easier to do and I personally prefer it blended with a brush rather than my finger. The only downside is that they are quite soft so you need to apply gently otherwise it might break (whoops!) but you don't need to apply lots of it to beg a bold colour. I personally love this product and will kist defo ally be repurchasing. 

They cost me £10 from Boots 

Have any of you busy tried these crayons or anything similar, what did you think?

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Nail Inspiration

I don't know about you but on Instagram (follow me - heyyitsgeorgie) one of my favouite things to look at is nail design and nail art. So I decided to show you guys a few of my manicures. If you like one I particular let me know in the comments and I'll do a tutorial of that's what you guys want. So here are my last seven nail designs.

This design was inspired by CutePlolish

January Favourites

Is it just me or has January gone super quick? Now it's officially Febuary so it time for my first monthly favouites of 2015 and I've been obsessed with a couple of things this moth, both beauty and non ️beauty related. This month I've been lovin three beauty products in particular which I'm super excited to share with you.

First off is Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish which I got as part of a Christmas present. This polish has an amazing glossy finish and is quite hard wearing. The polish isn't streaky and is a pretty solid colour so you get away with one coat and it would still look great. I would highly reccomend this polish to anyone . The colour is raspberry blush. I love this dark plum colour and will defiantly be buying this in more colours.

Next is the Collection Extreme 24 hour felt liner. I don't think it stays for 24 hours but it last the whole time I'm at college so it's suite close. It's really easy to apply and only cost me £2.50. It's easy to create a sleek cat eye. I would highly reccomend this to anyone. 

My last beauty product are the Seventeen eye crayons. I'm in love with these products! I've never known an eye shadow so easy to apply. You apply the lighter colour to your lid and the darker colour on the crease and just blend it out. You have to be careful not to press to hard or they will break but apart from that I have no issues with this product. This is defiantly my favouite product this month.

My next favouite is actually and item of clothing which I've never done before (jazzing it up a bit). I love my new Game Of Thrones Hoodie from Primark which was £12. This is probably the cosiest hoodie I own and looks pretty badass. I absoutly love game of thrones so I had to hug this and I have no regrets. 

I've become add item to Netflix and I've actually started watching two TV shows and I'm obsessed. The first one is Brooklyn Nine Nine which I may or may not have finished in a weekend ... It's that good. It's set in a police station in Brooklyn and follows a squad of detectives. It's so funny and I can't wait for more episodes. Did I mention Rosa is awesome. 
My next Netflix obsession is White Collar. It's a very cleverly written drama about a proffesionals thief/con artist turned FBI "consultant". If you haven't watched it you need to. That's all I'm gonna say.

What your monthly obsession? Let me know in the comments.

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