Website To Watch - SwapSum

So I was browsing Twitter the other day and came across this website SwapSum. It is quite a small website as its only just be created, but it has some serious potential. Basically it's a website for you to sell your old/unwanted clothes and buy other people's. It's basically a huge platform to buy and sell clothes. I think it will take a few months to grow a lot, but once it reaches its full potential I think this site can be quite good. I'm so excited for there to be a large range of clothing available on this site. The prices are actually really good value, especially for (broke) students like me! I seriously hope this site grows like I want it to. And it's absolutely free to sign up which I suggest you do.

Check out or on Twitter @swapsum. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx

DISCLAIMER- I was ASKED to review this site, not paid, and the opinions are 100% my own 


  1. I've been looking for a website like this for a while! I had a quick look at it, and while there wasn't much there at the moment, I agree it has loads of potential! I've bookmarked it to look at in the future!

    1. Yeah I know ... Once the site gets more interest it could be really great!

  2. Hi. Thank you for the review! There is currently an Oasis top and a Dior bag on the site but will be adding items soon and feel free to add yours whenever you like.
    Glad you can see the potential and are liking it so far, still a few tweeks to be done but will be done soon.
    Thanks again, xx