Honestly I cant think of anything more annoying than getting into a really good, gripping TV show to find out that its been cancelled. I recently got into a show which had a really interesting plot, had really lovable characters as well as relating to real life issues. It was a wonderful programme that I binge watched for about five days only to find out that there's no season two! What is it with American TV companies and deciding to cancel half of the good TV shows out there? I swear if anyone even thinks about cancelling Game Of Thrones or Arrow I will seriously hurt someone!! So I thought to vent my frustration towards American TV companies, I'd share some of my favourite TV shows that have been cancelled. (YESSS Top Five is backkk)

5. The Tomorrow People - I think this was on Netflix at some point so I started to watch it. Obviously it being science fiction made me want to watch it even more so I decided to give it ago and I really enjoyed. It was really full of drama and excitement and I was excited for season two only to find out it had been cancelled. I swear it should be illegal for Netflix to show TV programmes that have been cancelled.

4. Terra Nova - My family and I LOVED this show. Its set kind of in the future where the worlds overpopulated and dying so they send people back in time (or to some sort of parallel universe) where they build a society and have to fight dinosaurs. It had an amazing cliff-hanger at the end of season one which will forever remain a mystery.

3. Red Band Society - This was the show I was talking about at the introduction!! Its such a cute show set in a children's ward at a LA hospital. Two of the kids have cancer, one has cystic fibrosis, one needs a heart transplant and another has anorexia. Its narrated from a Charlie's perspective (he's in a coma). I know its sounds really morbid and depressing but its actually really uplifting even though it does show how horrible these diseases are. Seriously, because of this show as soon as I turn 18 I'm becoming an organ donor. That's how great it was.

2. Starcrossed - Okay, this is defiantly more of girly show. It starts with this alien race landing on earth because their planet has been destroyed. They live on earth in a small area that is just a terrible place to live mainly because we want to get rid of them. So as part of a plan to integrate them into society, five of them go to a normal high school. Alien boy meets human girl blah blah blah. Its a really lovely TV show which ended on such a cliff-hanger!!! We will never know if they stay together. Or if we get invaded by the alien race. So many questions CW!!

1. Rookie Blue - It actually makes me so sad to add this to my list. This was hands down my second favourite TV show (after GoT duh). Its set in police station in Canada around these Rookies and there training officers. I love this show because even though you do get to follow the cases that they're involved in, the show focuses more on their personal lives and their friendships and relationships with the other officer. I mean the ending of the last season did answer most of our question and leave it in a good place. I mean I'm so happy Sam and Andy got married (OTP) and they found out who set off the bomb but there are still some questions I want answered. I mean does Gail adopt Sophie, what about Dov and Chloe and what happens to Tracey after she discovers Steve set off the bomb?? I mean if ABC would like to email the answers to my questions, I would be very grateful.

So these are my favourite TV shows that shouldn't have been cancelled. Let me know what TV show you'd love to bring back from the dead in the comments. I mean I do really want to know what happens in Star-crossed but its got to be Rookie Blue. I mean I didn't see that show being cancelled.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx


Hey guys! I'm back with another product review for you guys. Now, I found this in Tesco about a weeks ago because it was reduced and it was a really good price considering the brand. I was quite interested by this product mainly because you have to shake the bottle in order to mix the product before use which I thought looked quite cool, and I mean it was down to around £2 so you cant really grumble.
Now, I wear a lot of eye makeup and we all know that mascara is an absolute pain to remove especially combines with eyeliner and eye shadow so I was expecting to have to use quite a lot to remove all my makeup. I have to say that I was really surprised when all I needed was one cotton pad with a small amount of remover on it. Also the makeup almost glides off with little efforts which makes it perfect for removing makeup when I cant really be bothered. I mean we all have those days where we sleep in a full face of makeup. I also have really sensitive skin and I haven't had any sort of reaction to this (yet) which makes it the perfect hypoallergenic makeup remover. I mean this is so much cheaper than wipes as you're going to get so more uses out of it which makes it excellent value for money, even at the normal price. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for any sort of makeup remover.
What's your favourite makeup remover? Let me know in the comments.
Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx


Hey guys, I'm back with another beauty review for you. so as some of you already know, I LOVE a good bargain. so I went into boots he other day and saw that the Miss Sporty brand was 3 for £6.... I know an absolute bargain. I picked up about nine items over a week (oops) one of which was this My BFF lipstick (I know, I hate the name too) . I actually got two of these one is a dark ish neutral colour that I picked up by accident (I meant to pick up a red but I actually quite like the colour) and this dark plum colour. now I have to admit, I only owned one shade of lipstick before these two: red. I'm a red lipstick kind of girl but I've decided to step out of my lipstick zone.

Now the shade My Nice Plum is this beautiful glossy, purple colour which is perfect for autumn. I feel like autumn is the perfect time for dark lipsticks so this one is perfect. When I say "the perfect shade" I mean that this lipstick goes perfectly with all my autumn outfits, which is somewhat of a miracle. I think this lipstick is £2.99 so its a really great price and I think for such a pigmented colour you cant really complain. They also have amazing staying power. I mean id put this lipstick on at like 8-9 am and it would still be there at 12 after a snack or some lunch. obviously it doesn't stay all day, I mean if it did it would be double the price, so you do need to apply it after a few hours or a meal but I think that's still quite good considering Miss Sporty is a cheap brand in general (no hate for the brand, it was just an observation). This is going to sound weird but I also like the shape of the lipstick because the whole of the top is slanted instead of just a little section (if that makes sense) so its easy to apply. so basically I love how easy the lipstick is to apply. So overall I'm in love with this lipstick and this is what I would call perfect for autumn.

What's your favourite autumn lipstick? Let me know in the comments.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation Review

Hey guys, I feel like I've been doing a lot of beauty reviews recently but because I have more money to spend (yay, job!!) I can buy more stuff I don't came across this when I was in Tescos and it was on offer at £3.99 which I thought was a decent price. It was also very confident because I lost my other foundation so I was pretty desperate. I haven't heard anything about this foundation but I've heard amazing things about the Lasting Perfection Concealer so I had a few expectations for this product so I was so excited to try it! 

So me having my natural vampire skin tone, I of course went for the palest colour. I think it was called porcelain ... It was number 1 anyway. So anyway, I'm actually really impressed with this foundation. It was the perfect shade for my skinn tone and was really easy to apply and it also work really well with the darker colours in my contour pallete as it is really blendable. It also lives up to its name because it's actually really long lasting and with the right powder can last all day. I haven't worn it for 16 hours like it says on the packaging, but I imagine it could last that amount of time so it would be perfect for a night out. One thing that learnt is you don't need a lot of foundation to cover your whole face. I feel like if you use to much it might become a but cakey. The coverage is pretty full so the small ish amount does cover redness and pores quite well. If you get a chance to pick it up please do!!! I highly reccomend it. 

Have you ever tried this foundation? Or do you have another drugstore foundations you'd reccomend? 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx

Born Pretty Brushes Review

Hello my lovelies how are we all doing today? As promised here is my last item sent to me from the lovely site BornPretty which came in a set with my beautiful contour palette. I have to say I'm actually quite impressed with these brushes, especially the smaller foundation/concealer brushes which I use with my contour palette as its really easy to apply especially around the cheek bones. I've also had the brushes inn the past where the bristles have fallen out ,especially concealer brushes, and have had chunks missing which means they don't really work any more. I've been using these brushes for about two weeks and I haven't had any problems. I have to say the only one I haven't used is the eyelash comb because I don't have any need for it. I use the fluffy brush for apply highlighter to my cheekbones which works perfectly. The small eyeliner brush works really well as well but I mainly use it for applying eye shadow under my eyes. The main thing that I like about these brushes is that the bristles don't separate. I know this sounds really weird but does anyone else find that (mainly on concealer and eye shadow brushes) that brush separates, mainly with liquid or cream products? maybe it's just me buying crap brushes. I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting these brushes to be awful but I was pleasantly surprised. I think I'm going to have to buy some more brushes from here on payday. I have my eye on some pink ombre ones for under £10 which is amazing value.

Click here to see the brushes and contour palette set for £6.50 which is amazing value. Also use the coupon code MGRH10 for 10% off.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx

*gifted item*