So as an 18 year old stressed out student with anxiety, why does everyone think it's a good idea to ask me if I'm prepared for my results or asking how I did in my exams. I just nod and say that I'm hopeful but  in reality I'm terrified. I know I have to wait about a month to find out if my life is over but I got asked so many questions today and I felt like if I didn't get this off my chest it would build up causing me to explode a lot nearer the time. So for those of you who don't know I failed my last year at college (which I'm not really upset about, who loves maths anyway?) so I restarted and I chose subjects that I enjoy and that I want to study further... Which would make it so much harder if I were to fail because I really want to do well. Its already hard that all of my friends will be leaving and going to uni in less than two months and I don't want to be even more of a failure in their eyes. I mean they probably don't see me in that way but I still worry about it. I've come so far this year not just with the learny stuff but with my confidence and I've actually enjoyed school this year (which is defiantly the opposite of last year) so it would be a hair kick in the teeth to fail ... again. There's also the issue of always being compared to my younger brother. I don't hate him it's just he's very intelligent and I would never be able to live up to him if I fail twice. Ugh I don't even know where this is all coming from but I'm sick and tired of everyone reminding me the importance of three letters that will shape my future. I don't want to be constant reminded of that fact. If you're one of this people PLEASE STOP. It just gets people worked up for no reason and it's stupid. Don't be that person. I think that was what I was trying to say the whole post but I bit off that topics... the story of my life.

ah is are you preparing for results day or do you have any tips to keep this nervous 18 year old wreck some what calm. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


so I brought these  rushes about a month ago for about £20 from superdrug and I had very high expectations for these brushes because there is defiantly a lot of hype surrounding this brand. I really love pixiwoo and a lot of people had raveed about these brushed so I finally picked up the essentials set. If I'm being honest I defiantly don't use the brushes for the correct thing but who does. This set contains a bugging brush, a pointed foundation brush (which I don't use for foundation), a co tour brush and a small detail brush. I really love the foundation/buffer brush because it does give your face even coverage. I prefer brushes to sponges because they're so much easier to clean and I've also found that sponges go mouldy very quickly (might just be me) so it cheaper to use brushes. This brush defiantly gives coverage that rivals a sponge because it's not spread your or patchy and I love it. The pointed foundation brush is actually quite small so it would probably work better for conclear but I actually use it for highlighter because it's quite think it's makes it really easy to apply and blend out. However my favourite brush from this set is the contour brush. It makes it really easy to blend out and can make a contour look subtle or like you could cut someone with those cheek bones. Also can we just talk about how cute these brushes are. They are defiantly the best looking brushes I ever seen and they look a lot more professional than the other one so own. 

So do I think they are worth the hype or the price? Absolutely 110% these are best brushes I've ever brought and I will defiantly be buyin more from this brand and would 110% reccomend this set. 

have you ever tried the real technique brushes? let me know in the comments. 

speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


So recently I brought some of the Simple Skincare range for two reasons; A) they were half price in Superdrug B) I heard they were great for sensitive  skin. I also chose this brand because they are cruelty free and the packaging says none of there products are made with animal products (which I think means it's vegan) which makes me super happy. Now, I have really dry sensitive skin so if something doesn't agree with me I'll know about it in a few hours after my face gets itchy and red. I brought the Face Wash, which stops breaks out, and the Toning Cleanser. So the cleansing water minimises pores and to be honest I'm not really sure what it does but it makes my skin look better and it makes my foundation look a lot smoother and easier to apply if I put it on before my makeup. To use it must put a small amount (seriously you don't need a lot) onto a cotton pad and run it onto your face. I use this two a day (in the morning and before I go to bed) and I'm really impressed with the results and I'll definitely be repurchasing. The second I get I brought was the Spotless Skin Face Wash which I've a,ready spoken about in my June favourites video so I'll keep it short. Recently I've been breaking out a little bit so I thought I'd invest in a new face wash and I've been very impressed with this one. within a few day ps I noticed that my skin was starting to clear up. This is definalty my new favourite skin product and I can't go a day without using it. It hasn't upset my skin (which is an absolute miracle) and has cleared it up and I haven't had a break out since. To say I love this brand is an understatement. 

Have you tried any of the simple skincare? 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


Ugh I am literally so happy June is so finally over! No more college and hello summer holidays.  I've actually brought quite a few new products this month which is good for blogging ... not so good for my bank balance (whoops). I reccently had a major breakout so I invested in new skin care and makeup so hopefully I'll have a lot to write about this month. So anyway, here are the things I've been loving in the month of June.

The first thing I've been loving is the Simple Spotless Skin Triplle Action Face Wash. First off, this profit is cruelty free and vegan (that's what it says on the packaging) so defiantly off to a good start. I think it cost me around £2 from Superdrug which is really good value considering you don't need a lot of it which is definakty a good buy. I was also very impressed with how quickly I saw my skin start to clear up. It does say that you should see results from day one but I'm not sure I 100% agree with that but my skin did clear up after a few days and I a, still very happy with the results. It's also something I'm going to continue to buy. 

The second thing I've been lovin is the Freedom Fixing Spary. I noticed that during the day my makeup started to smudge since it's getting a but warmer so I thought I'd invest in a fixing spray. this cost. e £5 fro. Superdrug (I know I'm probably their favouite customer) and I was quite impressed considering the price. The one thing I don't like is it doesn't dry matte so if you don't like a dewy finish you do have to apply a bit of power on the top but apart from that I've been quite impressed. I don't lead a very active (or interesting) life so I'm not sure how it would work then but for everyday it's a very good product. 

The final Beaut product I've been loving is the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter. This cost me £3 from Superdrug and it's actually a gold colour which I didn't notice at first. I have very pale skin so any highlighter I use has to be a very light colour (basically white) and this colour actually come out quite light and is great for my skin tone. You do need to go over the product a few time with the brush but considering I paid so little for it, my arm can survive. 

The final thing I've been loving is the unicorn choker from Dunns-Jewels (click here) which is my new favouite Amazon store that sells the best jewellery and choker for such a great price. This one cost me just over £3 which isn't a bad price considering I'd pay more than double that in topshop. I was also really impressed with the delivery and I will defibatly be buying from there again. If you lover chokers then you need to check this store out. 

So these are my June favourites. Let me know in the comments what you've been loving this month. 

speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxxx