Hey guys! So I was in BeautyBay (which is a site I would highly recommend) and I saw they had the legendary Morophe 35O palette in stock and I brought it because this thing is like gold dust. I was actually very impressed with the price of £19.50 which I don't think is too bad considering the size and quality of the palette. The first think I noticed was it was very pigmented, espically the glittery colours.... but then again I might just be used to cheap eyeshadow. The other thing I noticed is that the colours were super easy to blend (but maybe that's just my new Morphe vegan brush set) which I thought might be difficult with the bright orange shade but it wasn't to bad. I love the range of colours I mean this palette was made for me it's such a beautiful palette to look at. 
at here's defiantly been a lot of hype around this palette on the Internet and everytime I use it or show my friends they're all kind of jealous. So do o think it's worth it? Oh absolutely. I think for what you get the price is incredibly reasonable and it's such a good quality product. I want more of these plates and I can't decide between the 35M or the purple one (please help). I'm so in love with this plate and I don't think my review did the product justice. 

Have you guys tried this product? If so do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx 


I know a few weeks ago I made a post saying why I was terrible blogger and how I was going to get better but my life's just been super stressful full on at the moment. It's getting to the point where I feel like I should rename this blog "my life's a mess" seeing as all I seem to be posting is what's going wrong with my life. So to keep you all up to date, I changed my courses at college (again, surprise) because I just wasn't happy. I was struggling with the exam board because there was a lot of chemistry and  the truth is I'm not chemist. I just scraped an E on my mock (its a linear course) and that was even when my friend from another class told me the questions. I couldn't risk my entire UCAS application so I'm taking world development in a year. I'm finding it so much better than biology but time management isn't my thing. I'm struggling to get my work done at home and I only have three free periods and it's a struggle when all your teachers are setting you essays due in at the same time and your UCAS application is due and your friends are creating unnecessary drama. My stress levels are reaching the max and I'm struggling to meet deadlines but how do I tell this to my teachers. Oh I'm sorry I'm basically incapable of meeting deadlines and actually doing my work. Something tells me their not going to buy it. I told myself I'd get back into blogging but if I cant find the time to do my homework so where am I going to find the time to blog. It's just a frustrating because I see my page views going down which kind of sucks.

Do you guys having any advice juggling blogging with actually having a life?

Hopefully speak to you very soon,
Love Georgie xxx