Hey guys I'm back with another Drag Race themed post but I'm literally bursting with excitement over the meet the queens video I just had to write this post. I feel like this season has a good mix of queens with a range of styles of drag so I'm excited to see what this season brings.

So to start things off, I'm team Aja all the way. I've been following Aja for a couple of years and her lip sync skills are incredible. If she s ever in the bottom the other queen should definitely be scared. Her look was also probably the strongest and most polished out of all the other queens and I'm not saying that because I'm biased. I was also really impressed with Nina Bo'Nina Brown (that name is amazing) and her looks are very original and impressive. I also have been following Peppermint for a while and I think that it's so cool that she is technically the first openly trans woman to be on the show (except maybe Monica) and I really hope that she is given the chance to discuss it if she wants to. I also love Shea and I knows shes pretty talented so I'm excited to see what she brings. I also quite like Charlie Hides I mean she doesn't even look 52 out of drag. I think shes going to be really funny and I have a feeling she might dominate snatch game. Her looks I think will be very different from the younger queens so I'm excited to see her on the show. The fishiest queen of the season is obviously Farrah Moan. She's one of my best friends favourite queens so she was very excited and I was to an extent. I'm worried that she will rest on pretty, which isn't necessarily bad I mean look at Courtney Act. I just think that this bunch of queens she can't just rely on pretty to get her through to the next week. Farrah prove me wrong. I can also tell that the bitch of the season is gonna be Kimora which is probably going to be very entertaining. I also think her looks are going to be very strong on the runway (but not Aja strong). I have to say the two queens that least impressed me were Trinity Taylor and Eureka (sorry) just because their videos weren't very memorable to me. Sometimes I feel like pageant queens can be very similar and I can also tell who the pageant queens are (not always though) so I was a little bit worried when Trinity said that was her style because that was the only think I remembered from her video. Eureka just didn't stand out to be and I think that could potentially be her downfall because there are some big personalities (I'm looking at Kimora) and you can't risk fading into the background.

So just from looking at the meet the queens I think you can tell who the strongest queens are, Just going off the video i think the top three will be Aja, Nina Bo'Nina and either Shea or Peppermint. However, there's always time for the queens to prove me wrong.

Do you watch Drag Race? If so who's video stood out to you?

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx

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