Hey guys. I was involved in a blogger chat on Twitter a couple of weeks ago which got me thinking about my blog and the direction I want to take. Don't get me wrong I still love fashion and beauty and I really want to start a pro recovery series seeing as I'm in recovery for an eating disorder. But I wanted to also have a bigger shift in focus towards the environment seeing as that is a huge passion of mine and what I will be studying at uni in September. So I thought that I'd start off by sharing ways you can reduce your ecological footprint and help save a couple of polar bears. 

1. Use E-Books. 
Since I've brought my kindle, the only paper books I brought are text books and revision guides (mainly so I can highlight. Not only are E books a lot cheaper but I also have so much more storage availed in my room (for extra makeup). It also helps to save paper and water (seriously Google how much water is used to make paper, it will blow your mind). Also buying books second hand is another alternative. not on,y are you reducing the demand for raw materials but second hand books are a lot cheaper. 

2. Buy local food. 
Oh my goodness. I know it's sad but whenever we go to a supermarket I look how far it had to travel and sometimes it actually amazes me how many food miles my mum has racked up. So we buy our fruit and veg from a local market so we have a lower oil consumption as a household. Also locally foods are more likely to be organic and there's no issue with ethics so I would seriously reccomend it. 

3. Plant more flowers. 
I kind of want to do a seperate post on gardening and attractions pollinators so I'll keep it brief. Not only will your house look so much better but a few extra flowers will also help attract wildlife and increase pollinators. Not just pollinators, you can also attract birds, frogs and smaller mammals. 

4. Seperate your waste. 
Seriously guys we need to start recycling more to reduce the demand for raw materials. It also means more waste can be repurposed and reused. I mean think about the other alternatives. Landfill or an incinerator. One destroys habitats and soil structure and the other increase greenhouse gas levels. Not a lot of great choices. Before you out bottles out make sure they're rinsed because some recycling plants get lazy and just throw out dirty rubbish. 

5. Stop eating animal products! 
Or at least reduce them. I seriously reccomend you watch Cowsiracy because that changed my life. Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emission that all modes of transportation globally. Not to mention it is also the leading cause of deforestation, particularly in the Amazon. Personally, I feel that eating animal products is unethical as well but I was particularly shocked by the massive environmental impact and that was the man reason I went vegan. I seriously suggest you begin to educate yourself on the environmental impact and maybe that will help you transition to a vegan lifestyle. 

So those are som ideas of how to become more eco friendly and reduce your car in footprint. I would love to include more posts about the environment in the future seeing as in September I'm going to study environmental science at uni (wish me luck). Speaking of uni, comment any advice you might have below because I'm nervous af. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


Anyone else have a huge obsession with Misguided or is it just me. I feel like a huge portion of my pay check goes to them and they should be really greatful for my business. I've never had an issue with them, my orders always been right and the clothes I brought have lasted. I also love the fact they have deficient themes in their website because I basically live in black and love anything slightly more edgy and grunge style. I added a few things on here that I would love to wear when I get my confidence back with how I look and I think I might get back to feeling confident in a shorter dress much quicker than I think. Fingers crossed. Anyway these are the five things I actually need from Misguided but don't be afraid to put some links in the comments to items you want as well.... so I can defiantly not buy them. 

1. Black scarf print kimono playsuit £28
2. Burgundy roll sleeve crop top £6
3. Black floral print dress £18
4. Black suede studded dungaree playsuit 
5. Tortoise shell black sock boots £24
6. Black striped playsuit £15

Let me know which one of these is your favourite in the comments. I defiantly need 2 and 4! 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


This probably isn't the post you expected from me but one thing I've found to help with my eating is by making my own food. I've decided that when I move to uni I'm going to try a plant based diet (or at least eat more plant based). I feel a lot more comfortable eating this because it is lower in calories which makes me feel less guilt when eating. Also it's way better for the environment, I mean seriously watch Cowsiracy because it will change your life. Anyway I started looking at food blogs and adapted recipes for my recipe book to help me cook for myself when I'm at uni. Granted I have made the portions smaller and currently if I Cooke then this is the only meal I have a day but it's progress. Anyway, here are my top five plant based food blogs in no particular order. 

So I first found Rose's YouTube channel and instantly subscribed because most people think veganism is kinda expensive and requires you to only use fresh ingredients. Her recipes are really simple and require minimal ingredients making them affordable, perfect for any student. Fun fact, the recipes I've tried taste really good and you should defiantly try the creamy pumpkin pasta recipe (go to archive and click October 2016) because it's so simple but will change your life. 

This is another one I found on YouTube first and I found Sadia's channel very easy to follow and relaxing to watch (sounds dumb I know). She's a nutritionist which makes me feel very reassured that what I'm eating is healthy and good for me. Her recipes also taste really good and are easy to make which is a bonus. One of my favourite posts was the vegan pantry essentials which will help me a lot at uni to make sure I have all the right foods in my cupboard. 

Now I've been following Livs blog and channel for the longest. I think the first video I watched was her lunch bento box video (because I was looking for food to take to work) and I just find her explanations really easy to follow and her recipes always sound and look amazing. Obviously she does really healthy home cooked recipes but she also does a huge amount of baking and vegan comfort food. Honestly I don't really want to eat any of that at the moment but I love her healthier dinner recipes and I feel like I can eat loads of her recipes without worrying and without feeling guilty. 

This is written by Caitlin Shoemaker and I find her recipes are perfect for students. She makes easy five minute the recipes and recently posted 5 Mexcian recipes for $5 each which is worth a read. I also love the fact she does t cook with oil which makes all her dishes really healthy and lower in calories and fat. She also does a lot of meal prep which is ideal for students and they can save money by not wasting food. 

Now one of the main reasons I love this blog is that it also tackles eating disorders and body image mainly because Gena has battled anorexia. For me I find this really comforting and helpful because I need help improving my relationship with food and I feel like there are recipes that are helping to improve that gradually. She also offered nutritional counselling which is amazing if you want to talk to someone who understands where you are. There are also some really lovely recipes on here so the blog is perfect for anyone. If you're not convinced check out her Instagram, it will give you food envy. 

So those are the food blogs I reccomend you follow. Cooking defiantly helps in my ED recovery because I like to know what goes into my food but it may not work for you. Just know every person is different and if you start to slip again (we've all been there) please go back to the doctor or a specialist. Also you don't have to be in recovery to follow some great food blogs. Go check them out and let me know some of your favourite recipes. 

Who's you're favourite food blogger? Let me know in the comments below. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx

ED RECOVERY (and post exam update)

Hey guys! I know I have a habit of saying I'm back then leaving for two months (whoops) but I'm really feeling my blog at the moment. I've had a lot on my plate with my eventful diagnosis and exams (which went well by the way). I received an unconditional off from my favourite uni so I'm going either way. That defiantly took the pressure off but I still work reall hard. Too hard according to my mum. I've also started working a lot more to get money saved for uni which has been challenging considering I work in food service and I have an eating disorder. The two don't really mix well and I've been struggling. I have my ups and downs (like yesterday I had pudding after dinner) but I still find myself obsessed with my weight and calories. Despite this I feel like this time I can finally beat this thing because I'm. it doing it by myself. I have my mum who supports me but doesn't nag me about eating or constantly tells me I'm fine. I know it's really hard for her but I'm so greatful because it makes me feel like in the near future I won't have to worry and painc about food. However, I still struggle a lot. I always have to know what I'm eating and I can't go to restaurants without knowing the nutritional information or looking at the menu online first. I know I'm still not eating enough but it was more than it was a few mine this ago so I'm counting that as progress. I'm not really sure I want to go into anymore detail but I wanted to write down a few things Amin,y to let you guys know I'm doing okay and to let other people with eating disorders know that it is going to take time. I've had mine for over three years know and I've only started to get help. You just have to be patient. This was kind of more of a filler post but hopefully k should have some more cheery content for you guys soon. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx