ED RECOVERY (and post exam update)

Hey guys! I know I have a habit of saying I'm back then leaving for two months (whoops) but I'm really feeling my blog at the moment. I've had a lot on my plate with my eventful diagnosis and exams (which went well by the way). I received an unconditional off from my favourite uni so I'm going either way. That defiantly took the pressure off but I still work reall hard. Too hard according to my mum. I've also started working a lot more to get money saved for uni which has been challenging considering I work in food service and I have an eating disorder. The two don't really mix well and I've been struggling. I have my ups and downs (like yesterday I had pudding after dinner) but I still find myself obsessed with my weight and calories. Despite this I feel like this time I can finally beat this thing because I'm. it doing it by myself. I have my mum who supports me but doesn't nag me about eating or constantly tells me I'm fine. I know it's really hard for her but I'm so greatful because it makes me feel like in the near future I won't have to worry and painc about food. However, I still struggle a lot. I always have to know what I'm eating and I can't go to restaurants without knowing the nutritional information or looking at the menu online first. I know I'm still not eating enough but it was more than it was a few mine this ago so I'm counting that as progress. I'm not really sure I want to go into anymore detail but I wanted to write down a few things Amin,y to let you guys know I'm doing okay and to let other people with eating disorders know that it is going to take time. I've had mine for over three years know and I've only started to get help. You just have to be patient. This was kind of more of a filler post but hopefully k should have some more cheery content for you guys soon. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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